Shubb Capos Artist


I'm proud to announce that we've been added to the Shubb Artists roster as endorsing artists of Shubb Capos.  Thanks to Gary Mobley at Shubb, who we met at the NAMM show in January, we are now listed there and proudly endorse Shubb capos!

Here's a great quote from their website: 

"We love being in the music business, and the part we love best is the music and the musicians.  Yes, we attend to business; it keeps bread on the table, and afire burning in the hearth.  We never forget that.  But the fire that burns by itself is our passion for music.

Shubb1We're musicians, and the players are our people.  We treasure our relationships with those of you who are using our products on the job, wehther full-time pro or weekend warrior.  We take pride in providing gear that helps to solve problems without creating new ones, so that you can focus on creating music."

Make sure to visit them at the Shubb Capos Website