Singin’ the Moon Up

Singin’ The Moon Up: The Voice of Jean Ritchie (2007)

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Singin’ the Moon Up: The Voice of Jean Ritchie (2007)
Original Cast Recording
with Susie Glaze, Kenny Kosek, Jon Pickow and Peter Pickow

Recorded from the live stage show debut at Penn State University, September 2005.

1. Old Daddy Grumble 1:14
2. Darby’s Ram 1:22
3. Killy Kranky Is My Song 1:03
4. Here Sits a Young Lady 0:42
5. Jemmy Taylor-o 1:55
6. Lord Bateman 5:07
7. Bailis and the Fiddle 1:24
8. Shady Grove 2:30
9. Go Dig My Grave 4:33
10. Brightest and Best 3:35
11. I Celebrate Life 0:39
12. Sugar On the Floor 2:34
13. Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender 5:47
14. I Look At My Mountains 0:28
15. Black Waters 4:03
16. West Virginia Mine Disaster 2:36
17. May Day Day 1:46
18. My Dear Companion 2:17
19. I See the Moon 1:46
20. These Songs Will Live On 0:15
21. Now Is the Cool of the Day 2:36
22. Let the Sun Shine Down On Me 2:24
Singin' the Moon Up (Reviews)
January 14, 2009Singin' the Moon Up  "…Pennsylvania Centre Stage's world premier production of "Singing the Moon Up" delivers the music and times of an American folk legend…Director Steve Rankin's adaptation of writings, songs and commentary by folk icon Jean Ritchie is rich, complex slice of American music and culture…The wide range of songs and snippets from Ritchie's life are delivered with reverent presence, matter-of-factness and clean technique by an ideal cast, including Ritchie's sons Jon and Peter. Susie Glaze is nothing less than transfixing as the youthful Ritchie, with warm, piercing eyes and unpretentious, angelic voice. Glaze's delivery has a mesmerizing quality as she draws a song from deep inside and delivers it straight into the eyes and heart of her listener. These players and fiddler Kenny Kosek, who played with Ritchie in the 1970s, lend brilliant yet subtle detail and polish to make each tune resonate newly. The performance belies more than a reverence ~~ there is a relishing of the song and the moment in which it lives…"  Michael Casper, Altoona Mirror   "The life of legendary singer Jean Ritchie and the essence of her authentic folk music style is captured in a beautiful bubble titled "Singing the Moon Up: The Voice of Jean Ritchie"…an evening filled with happy and sad, serious and humerous stories told with love and grace…the brightest star of the evening is Susie Glaze…her clear, clean angelic voice could not be more perfectly suited to the music she performs, from the most mournful ballads to…upbeat tunes. Glaze delivers the kind of performance that audiences hope never ends, filled with love for the material and the life it captures." Harry Zimbler, Centre Daily Times (L to R:  Kenny Kosek, Peter Pickow, Susie Glaze, Jon Pickow) [...]