Blue Eyed Darlin’

Blue Eyed Darlin’ (2005)
Susie Glaze with The Hilonesome Band

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Winner of the 2006 Best Roots Album from Just Plain Folks, and FolkWorks Magazine’s pick for Best Bluegrass Album of 2005, this second solo album from Susie Glaze features seven new Bluegrass classics from Rob Carlson, along with Appalachian mountain tunes from Jean Ritchie, and songs from Gillian Welch and Iris Dement.

1. Hurricane 2:16
2. Annabelle 3:45
3. The Boy From Harlan County 2:56
4. My Heart Is A Diamond 3:51
5. William Gray 4:46
6. Long Lonesome Way 1:51
7. My Own Backyard 3:03
8. The River Road 4:49
9. Blue Eyed Darlin’ 4:45
10. Jesus Grant Us All A Blessing 1:49
11. Back Home 2:44
12. After You’re Gone 3:05